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Each recipient of our service(s) is a single parent/caregiver for their own unique reason. A few examples are; death of a spouse; unexpectedly, by disease, or addictions. Other examples have been from divorce due to molestations, mental or physical abuse or infidelities. The goal of the board is to address the needs on a individualized basis, through developing a plan with them to destress. Examples: fund need allocation, our advisor network and partnerships with the local community leaders, businesses, individuals, and governments.  Through these engagements empowers our Recipients and their families to Thrive and not just Survive.

Examples of a Partnerships or Advisers:

Mentors or Coaches (Professional or LIFE)

Current or Past Single Parent

Child raised by a Single parent (Over the age of 18)

Home repair services

Yard or Tree care companies

Cleaning services

Health and Wellness Providers

Financial Advisors

Estate and Will planners

Legal Advisors

Chiropractic Care Providers

Physical Therapy Care Providers

Personal Image Consultants

Technology Advisors


The possibilities are limitless.  We look forward to collaborating with you how best to serve our Recipients and their Families.

Please Contact Us to see how you may contribute to impacting your community today.


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